RECENT NEWS: Aaron Pexa Announced as 2018 Artist-in-Residence at the Corning Museum of Glass


The Old Jamestown Bridge, Going by Allison Bianco

Untitled Landscape IV by Estate of Donnamaria Bruton

Untitled I Beverly MA 2016 by Victoria Crayhon

Hot Yoga by Stella Ebner

Tama Tree by Nancy  Friese

Oil Spot 6 by Ana Guerra

Watercolor #16 by Melinda Hackett

In Our Own Words: Native Impressions by Daniel Heyman

Time...thou ceaseless lackey to eternity by Orit Hofshi

Hollow Note by Nick Hollibaugh

A Backbone Without Support by Sophiya Khwaja

Maggie & Ike by Andrew Nixon

Something is About to Happen by Serena Perrone

Bird of Rhiannon by Aaron Pexa

Remembered Landscape 2 • IV • 10 by Estate of Thomas Sgouros

Graphite 10 by Dean Snyder

Chop Suey or Tennis Anyone? by Dan  Talbot

Drawing for an Unwritten Sonata by John Udvardy

SOAP CREEK by Max Van Pelt